Buy 3 for Php 450


A washable and WATER REPELLANT fashion accessory that helps you protect yourself made with the appropriate material suitable for mask.

Breathable with adjustable NOSE WIRE to seal the mask and follow your features.

Inside pocket  to add  filter for another layer of protection.

Cost Effective.



And hey it comes in sizes!

Small for kids ages 4 to 10 | Medium for adults normal size |Large for adults slightly bigger

Assorted A (2 Printed and 1 Plain Black | Assorted B (2 Printed and 1 Plain Rust) | Assorted C (2 Printed and 1 Olive)

Restore Mask Abstract Floral

Sustain Mask Red Floral Green




Small, Medium, Large


Restore, Sustain, Rust, Olive, Black, Assorted A, Assorted B, Assorted C


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